cooking crash course: week 1

Cooking has always been an interest of mine. After a long day of teaching, it is so relaxing to chop vegetables and prepare dishes. Now, living with justin it is my hope that I will continue to enjoy this pasttime while trying more new dishes each week and develop some staple dishes that we both love. So, in the very first week of new recipe mayhem, here is what I made in my gluten free, dairy free kitchen!

Spaghetti squash pad thai (Does not look so appetizing, but tastes great!)

mexican bowls: I have been perfecting this recipe for a few months and it is quickly becoming a favorite. It is quick and easy and always delicious.

Lemon italian chicken (impromptu recipe of italian dressing, lemon juice, and sriracha on top for me and parmesan for J) definitely J’s favorite thus far!

Roasted brussel sprouts with garlic aioli. This has been my favorite dish so far by a mile. Who knew veggies could taste so darn good!

And last but not least FUNFETTI CAKE. This came out of a Pillsbury gluten free funfetti cake mix because hey, no one is perfect and I am just now dipping my toe in the pool of gluten free dairy free cooking. This cake completely surpassed my expectations. J and I indulged every evening ( and sometimes for breakfast 🙂 ) until every last piece was devoured. Pretty decent start to the end goal of this.

All positives thus far on the cooking front but it’s only Thursday so there is still time to crash and burn( literally). Up tonight, gnocchi. This weekend, many fun recipes to try when entertaining friends. Recommendations and stories to come.

I think I am going to like this wifehood/amateur chef adventure 🙂

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